Advising & Planning Your Succession

Have you thought about your business succession plan?

If you’ve taken the time to build your business and are now looking to pass it on, you want to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your exit, in fact, the earlier you start the smoother the process can be, for both you and your business.

CN Strategic Advisors work with you to create the best succession strategy no matter the size of your business or reasons for wanting to leave.

If you’d like to speak to one of our advisors, please get in touch by filling out the contact form or by giving us a call.

Our Process

Through our tailored ‘Options & Returns assessment’, our experts will make sure that: 

  • You fully understand your succession and exit options; 
  • Obtain an indicative value of the business under options now and in the future; 
  • Are able to assess the potential returns from succession or exit to assess whether these meet your objectives 
  • You have a succession or exit plan in place and understand any gaps in value that need to be achieved through business growth 
  • Assist with growth plans including acquisition, financial forecasting and performing value enhancement workshops 
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Common Business Succession Options

  • Appraising the viability of a MBO with you (either as a vendor or management team)

  • Assisting with deal structuring and valuation metrics

  • Debt advisory assistance in compiling lender ready information packs and raising funds on your behalf

  • Project management of all parties (Vendors, management, banks, lawyers & tax) through to successful completion

  • Assistance with preparing the business for a sale

  • Financial analysis of your business

  • Carry out sector research to provide a valuation of your business

  • Identify our business strength and plan improvements to enhance value

  • Project manage all parties through to successful completion

  • Assistance with preparing the business for equity investment

  • Compiling an information memorandum on the business / proposed transaction for Private Equity consideration

  • Using our knowledge of the PE landscape, approach appropriate PE houses and negotiate terms on your behalf

  • Project manage all parties through to successful completion

Family Succession

  • Working with your family business to understand your ultimate aims and desired legacy

  • Appraising the next generation’s appetite and skillset to drive the future business forward

  • Assistance with structuring a suitable succession route and executing the desired plan (for instance a family buy out – similar to a MBO)

Business Succession FAQs

Business succession is normally a route of business exit whereby you pass your business on to someone in your family or someone you know. 

It involves identifying your successor and preparing the business for your exit to ensure continuity and sustainability of the business. 

Yes, passing ownership of your business is a complicated process and creating a plan is crucial to making the transition as smooth as possible.

You will need to consider how your exit will impact the business and make sure that any gaps in skills or knowledge are filled.

You will also want to create a plan that enables you to maintain your employees and customers are minimise any disruption to your business.

You should plan your business succession well before you intend to transfer the ownership of your business. 

The earlier you start your succession plan, the longer you have to prepare your successor and ensure that you have a good transition plan to enable the business to operate after you leave. 

There may also be legal or financial complications that come along when exiting your business. Planning well in advance will allow you to work with your accountant to make sure that these are planned for and can maximise any value. 

When you want to start planning for your succession there are a few resources that you might want to call upon for consultation. 

We recommend that you speak to legal and financial advisors, business valuation specialists and strategic advisors for best practices for navigating the succession process.

Speaking with professionals can provide valuable insights and support in developing and executing a successful succession plan.