Episode 3: How asset-based lending can help businesses with Joe Taviner

In this episode, we spoke to Joe Taviner, Business Development Director at Arbuthnot Asset Based Lending. We discussed asset-based lending and how it can help businesses through their growth and working capital needs.  

He also gave us insight into what businesses should look for in potential lenders, and what lenders will look for in businesses they lend to.

Joe Taviner

Check out the best bits from this episode

What is asset-based lending?

The typical lending process for asset-based lending

What do lenders look for in a business?

How strong financial performance and good management will help you with asset-based lending

How can advisors help with a business getting asset-based loans?

Top tips for businesses that may be considering taking on debt

Using advisors to identify the right type of debt for your business

What type of transactions can Arbuthnot Commercical Asset Based Lending help with?

Asset-based lending to facilitate growth and finding a lender that can support your growth

The importance of lenders being able to grow with your business

What sectors suit asset-based lending?