CNSA are a financial advisory firm based in Manchester and Cheadle, we special in corporate finance transactions. We want to ensure our website is accessible to everyone.  Accessibility is the term used to describe whether a website can be used by people of all abilities/disabilities on a range of differing digital devices.

The way a person perceives information is affected by their ability/disability along with how they navigate between website pages. A website can only be classed as accessible if all people, including the elderly and disabled, can use it.

The BBC provide a comprehensive guide covering how to get the most of the accessibility features and assistive technologies available for your computer, operating system and web browser.  See below the following topics that are covered and a brief overview:

I can’t see very well – Look at changing text, font and background colours in settings. Also magnify  your screen.

I am blind – Make your computer speak text aloud.

I can’t hear very well – Access subtitles or sign language on videos.

I find words difficult – Change your fonts, make your computer speak text aloud, check spelling and grammar, make text larger, use voice recognition.

I find a keyboard or mouse hard to use – change your keyboard settings to make it more accessible or can be used on screen, change your mouse settings to slow down, use voice recognition, use your keyboard to control your mouse.

We aim for a consistently high level of usability for our entire audience across our website, following best-practice accessibility guidelines.

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